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It was because of Joseph that the family had to go to Bethlehem for the census, that the prophecy might be fulfilled.God carefully selected the woman who would be the mother of his Son.Yet when they arrived in Bethlehem, the door of the inn was slammed in their face.If this were God’s child, wouldn’t God provide a room?Renaudot ("Liturgiarum Orientalium Collectio", 2nd ed., Frankfurt, 1847, I, pp.ix and xi) thought that no books were written even by the fourth century. Basil (died 379), who distinguishes between the written teaching of the Apostles (in the Bible) and the unwritten tradition, and quotes liturgical functions as belonging to this: "Who", he asks, "of the saints has written down for us the words of the Sacred Invocation in the consecration of the bread and chalice? Another argument is that no mention is made of liturgical books in the acts of martyrs (who are required to give up their holy books, that is, always, the Bible), or in the quarrels about the books with the Donatists in the fourth century. 25-32) argues against this opinion at length, and defends the view that liturgies were written down at the beginning of the fourth century.

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The only just way of judging of the services, the tone, and the of a religious body, is to consult its liturgical books.

Our present convenient compendiums — the Missal, Breviary, and so on — were formed only at the end of a long evolution.

In the first period (lasting perhaps till about the fourth century) there were no books except the Bible, from which lessons were read and psalms were sung.

Sects that have no such official books are from that very fact exposed to all manner of vagaries in their devotion, just as the absence of an official creed leads to all manner of vagueness in their belief.

In this article the liturgical books of the Roman Rite are described first, then a short account is given of those of the other rites.

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