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I made rules: first date equals cocktails, second equals dinner, and third is dinner and sex.

Anyone who didn't conform to that was never called again.

I don’t like that the other side needs to have looks. I don’t like that she thinks women need to behave differently inside of business than they do outside of it.

I don’t like that she’s coy, giggly and submissive with her boyfriends, and angry, yell-y and domineering with her employees and clients. I really don’t like that she’s hateful toward redheads. There’s one — just one — thing that I do like about Millionaire Matchmaker: the romance.

Michael appeared on the Bravo television show Millionaire Matchmaker.

He is pictured here with his date, Elana, which ended in failure.

I had the most amazing girl for almost five years and she walked.

I needed a woman who loved me for me, not the money, not the career. Though I'm not clairvoyant, I imagine that we will continue to enjoy each other's company, and for that I have Patti Stanger and to thank. I don’t like the premise that one side of a relationship needs to have money. I don’t want to like a single thing about Millionaire Matchmaker; and mostly, I don't.Season 1 of the show infamously ended in a marriage proposal between millionaire Paul Murad and Cidney Carson after their first date that was then even more infamously called off immediately following the episode's airing a few months later. And so go most Millionaire Matchmaker engagements, of which there have been a few made, and the exact same amount called off, sans one (stay tuned).Paul was angry that Cidney was a Playboy Cyber girl, which she says both he and Patti were fully aware of; Cidney was angry because Paul allegedly had another fiancé… Most of the Millionaire Matchmaker relationships go out not with a bang, but with a whimper. She says she has a real club with real clients, who would never agree to be on a reality show. (Or not.)As far as I can tell, exactly two successful relationships have formed via The Millionaire Matchmaker.

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