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Who-whose-whom or marry-marries- married are examples of words in English with variant forms. This word list gives the standard form of each Polish word.As you read Polish records, you will need to be aware that most words vary with usage.It is used in genealogical sources throughout Poland.Before 1918, Polish-speaking territories were divided between Russia, Germany, and Austria.

The following endings are typical: Nouns Endings Adjectives -a (masculine) -ego -y or -i (feminine) -ej -ów (plural) -ich or -ych Thus, ojciec zmarłego means "father of the deceased." Plural forms of Polish words usually change the singular word as follows: Words ending in -a change to -y Words ending in -o change to -a A -y or -i is added to form the plural The plural form may change the basic word, for example: This word list includes words most commonly found in genealogical sources. Several Polish-English dictionaries are available at the Family History Library in the European collection. For example, in the first column you will find the English word marriage.smith region, area, country local stall keeper, merchant tailor blood-relative king kingdom royal queen bleeding, hemorrhage priest book principality, duchy who which, who godfather godmother trade, occupation shopkeeper, merchant he bought cousin (male) cousin (female) quarter (of a year or city) of April ma macocha mączarz madziarski maja mająmający [lat ...mający] majątek majętny majster malarz małoletni mały małżenstwo małżonek małżonka małżonków [małżonków Kowalskich] mapa marca martwo urodzony matka mąż menonici męski metryka męża miał miano mianowicie miasteczko miasto miećmiędzy miejsce miejscowość mieście miesiąc mieszkający mieszkanie mieszkaniec mleczarz młodszy młody[pan młody] [panna młoda] mlodzian (młodziniec) młyn młynarz mniejszy modlitwa [dom modlitwy] mojzeszowy mórg most możemumoze mularz, murarz mylnie myś liwy has stepmother miller Hungarian of May they have having [...Polish records often contain Latin and German words.See the German Genealogical Word List, and the Latin Genealogical Word List.

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