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If you can imagine the same-sex versions of the characters being Heterosexual Life-Partners, then they belong under Platonic Life Partners.Of course, almost all instances of Platonic Life Partners fall under this trope, but to avoid redundancy they should be listed on this page.

Go fuck yourself and go read something else if you dislike those codes or want something more. Basically, this is a way for me to dabble in the universe with some shorter stand-alone stories and bounce around through time a bit.

“You don’t need an excuse to drink,” Dani said, laughing.

“If you want it to count, go right ahead.” Opening her beer, Peyton lifted it to her lips to take a drink to help calm her nerves a bit.

Simply being friends doesn't make a pair an example, nor does just being True Companions.

Because most childhood relationships are inherently platonic, friendships between children do not qualify unless they continue into adulthood and remain platonic.

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