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The bright and cheery Sunshine theme is the default, characterized by a Serengeti background and Enlightenment's golden highlights.

The panels at the top and bottom are small and unintrusive despite containing lots of functionality.

Abi Word, Gnumeric, and Open Writer are the Office applications.

Besides the Enlightenment configurations to customize shelves, enable/disable or customize modules, select language, file manager behavior, and customize the appearance, Geubuntu retains lots of the Ubuntu tools upon which many users have come to rely.

The Graphic applications are Exhibit (image viewer), GIMP, g Thumb Image Viewer, and x Sane Image Scanner.Thanks, Note: Fairly new to Linux/Ubuntu I won't link you to a pure Tetris game, but I will link you to a game that is Not Tetris 2. If you don't line up the blocks perfectly, they tumble over. Welcome to this year's 50th issue of Distro Watch Weekly!These applications and others can also be found under the Applications submenu.Under the Accessories heading we find Bulk Rename, estickies, Terminal, Thunar, and Tracker Search Tool.

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