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Ti is used with family members and animals and shows familiarity with the person.Vi can also be used with family members and animals in the plural sense, but not the singular. Subject pronouns are not used very often, except when you want to show emphasis. Jedan (one) and dva (two) behave like adjectives - they have gender and declension (cases): Jedan bik (one bull), jedna krava (one cow), jedno tele (one calf), dva bika, dvije krave, dva teleta...

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Then, type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Notice that if you use pola (half), you need to use the number that follows the current hour: is half eight (pola osam).

When you talk about people, you should use the verb poznavati, but it is not necessarily a mistake to use znati. Formation of Plural Nouns The plural of animate masculine nouns is formed by adding -i, -evi, or -ovi.

Similarly, you should use znati when talking about knowing things or facts, but it it not a mistake to use poznavati. The masculine inanimate nouns with hard endings end in -ovi, while the soft endings end in -evi.

To make a verb negative, simply put ne in front of it. A few masculine nouns drop the final -n in the plural.

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