How to make money running a dating website

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It's really in the past year that we've really taken off. Everything has been growing, basically due to a good product.A year ago we had 30 million messages a month, last month we had 425 million messages. In the early days, every new release we do is fork-lifting the whole business. CW: For us, when we first started talking to them we were break even for the past 4 months.So we looked at what current users are doing with the app and where can we build something more exciting.Online dating was one vertical in particular that we felt was quite stale and we had no innovation for years.No one has built the global company about meeting new people.At the end of the day, meeting people will be part of the Skout experience.

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Right now, it looks like he's on track — Skout is adding 40,000 to 50,000 new users on the app every single day. We caught up with him to find out — here's what we learned: BUSINESS INSIDER: So, start from the top. CHRISTIAN WIKILUND: I would say we've been in under the radar for quite some time.At the same time, you need to give it time to bake in.A lot of entrepreneurs leave the game too early, we felt it was the time to do something different but we didn't just jump overnight.We haven't had much hype at all, we've just been building the product. We started in 2007 and we were a competitor to Loopt and Whirl and all these cool location-based services for you and your friends. If we can build a location-based mobile social network, that's the differentiator.At that time, you couldn't get access to location — we were talking to carriers and they wanted to charge $.40 per look-up. I couldn't find my friends based on street address. Google Latitude launched, Loopt sold, most of the others don't exist any more.

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