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then i askd her to check Big Ben, and she said whats that ROFL if ur from london u really know what Big Ben is . and she gave me lots of pics of the Famous Raven Riley porn star and she said that this was her . Jason (Norway) Report N10 (added on May, 1, 2008) Only read the stuff from her......hahaha.....atta_0244 ( ): My dad is fro M Togo i was Stay with my Dad and i hav E lost my Dea R now i have Come to my mu M there in Gh Ana atta_0244 ( ): Now i want a Good to marri Ed atta_0244 ( ): It will be 28aril atta_0244 ( ): That will be My Birthday atta_0244 ( ): Do you like m E to your lov E my Dear atta_0244 ( ): dear my mum s Aid that it w Ill take lont Ime to get th E thing you w Ill send me atta_0244 ( ): if you know that you love you will said that you atta_0244 ( ): if you love somone you have to do somthing so that it will show the love that will show the love you have ok u send money to me ok atta_0244 ( ): if you can buy the cam of me i will be happy ok atta_0244 ( ): if you like buy me the cam tomorrow so that you can see me ok me:( ): look for another idiot to send money Tom (Marokko) Report N11 (added on May, 16, 2008) This lady who I met on Tryebeginnings.com, I believe, or possibly yahoo personals, immediately told me how much she was in love with me after reading my profile, after she had just gotten out of a very bad relationship and thought she would never meet a nice man again.She says her sister married an Australian who had only seen her online but brought her to Australia.I chatted with her twice for about half an hour on Yahoo and she was much more convincing the first time.Bill (Canada) Report N8 (added on March, 28, 2008) She is listed as Russian and I have same photos different angle works with Celestine Donkor who claims to be South African beware she is from Italy and does speak Italian may be dupe or participant.Rio (USA) Report N9 (added on April, 26, 2008) This girl is really stupid lol, she said she was from london. she said 2hours less then my time,and its only 1 hour diffrent between norway and uk.Grey wants to do them online, which really finally did get me suspicious.

In emails she talks of her undying love for me and on yahoo messenger the conversation seems to end around money.She is in Nigeria to do a masters at the university of ilorin.First, she asked me to sell her rolex wathc on ebay.I made the mistake of giving her my phone numbers and address when she mentioned a man she had done check distributing for while in the states, a Manuel Grey ([email protected]), may be looking for someone to do that job.I have not seen a package of checks to distribute in almost a month and now Mr.

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