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The formal study of networks has its roots in graph theory in mathematics.

While important advances were made in theorizing about these graphs (or theoretical networks), the complexities of the mathematics of them could not really be tackled until computers became available.

If structures are seen as developing or changing, that is, seen dynamically, then "network" becomes a descriptive way of thinking about any process, including economies, ecosystems, and organizations." But other examples can be proven, or at least asserted with more confidence.For example, Barabasi has shown that at most 20 clicks separated the 1 billion pages on the Internet circa 1999.This new economy emerged in the last quarter of the twentieth century because the information technology revolution provided the indispensable, material basis for its creation.(2000, 77) Castells' timeframe for the emergence of this "new economy" or "global economy" coincides with what is also referred to as "globalization".

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