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The triumphant return of a lighthearted Barbara Gordon ought to get the beehive buzzing—throughout her complicated history, she’s always been a hero we can connect with.Great piece, but I can't help but be a stickler about one thing--the iteration introduced in 1961 to combat the "Seduction of the Innocent" panic was not Barbara Gordon, but a different "Bat-Girl" character named Bette Kane, who was the niece & Robin-style sidekick of the new Batwoman Kathy Kane.

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Unlike older versions of Batgirl, though, the new Barbara Gordon is decked out in canary yellow Doc Martens, takes selfies, and sometimes parties harder than she should.

In fact, comics may actually be a rare case of a medium turning regressive, deliberately tracking backwards over past advances.

Of course, the industry works to maintain appearances as a progressive medium, what with girl-Thor and other equally safe gestures.

From there, Barbara grew into a harder, colder leader, even assuming control of the Suicide Squad briefly and working up to running her own all-female superhero team the .

Over the next two decades, Barbara would evolve into the information clearinghouse for not only Gotham’s heroes but much of the DC universe and go on to mentor both of her successors in the Batgirl role.

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