Updating firefox in ubuntu

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Recently I have noticed that many sites are telling me my browser is out of date and that I should update.I checked the "About Firefox" menu option and found I am using version 44.0 Mozilla Firefox for Ubuntu canonical -1.0 Firefox is now up to 51.0 in the stable branch, so obviously I have missed several update cycles.I WAS able to see this ppa scroll by in the terminal when running apt-get update, so apt-get seems to be hitting that repo but not finding anything relevant. despite apparently hitting ppa:mozillateam/firefox-next, it didn't find a package. Changed from server for Canada to Main server and reloaded= no change Used Synaptic to run Fix Broken Packages an clear package cache.based on something read elsewhere, I disabled the Ubuntu Modifications plugin hoping to enable the update function in the Firefox Help menu = Firefox update does not appear used the terminal to add "ppa:mozillateam/firefox-next to see if I could bypass the main upgrade path by going to the daily beta build, made sure to do apt-get update and apt-get upgrade = The terminal response did NOT show any difference in available packages. = no change used a terminal command to concatenate etc/apt/and the contents of /etc/apt/c and export to a text file.(pasted below) I went through the resulting file and confirmed that nothing was commented out that shouldn't be.System: Ubuntu 15.04 Gnome 3.14.1 3.19.0-79-generic CONCATENATED SOURCES LIST # deb cdrom:[Ubuntu 15.04 _Vivid Vervet_ - Release amd64 (20150422)]/ vivid main restricted # See Notes for how to upgrade to # newer versions of the distribution.I suggest a clean install of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, which will be supported until April 2021. With another unsupported release inbetween, a lot of PPAs and a system in a poor state, a release upgrade will probably fail.

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Mozilla Firefox 51.0.1 is available for ubuntu 14.04.6-LTS, 16.04.2-LTS, 16.10, and 17.02b2; 12.04.8-LTS will be end-of-support-life April 2017. You haven't received any updates for a year, except some PPAs that may still support your version of Ubuntu.The security and updates repositories are enabled by default.If you don’t see the Firefox updates even after Ubuntu published it in these repositories, check out the Updates tab in Software & Updates utility.Steps taken so far: made sure to reload package information = No change in available version on the repo.sudo apt-get update; apt-get upgrade = found some updates for other software that I had manually added ppa repos for, no changes in Firefox version manually added to my Other Software sources list, reloaded Synaptic = no change in Firefox version available.

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