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Blockchain Index is a well diversified vehicle keeping the finger on the pulse of the blockchain economy.Focus of the investment selection is on nascent projects with potential strategic importance in the future distributed economy.As the leading work uniform suppliers in Australia, Advance Design offer a range of high quality uniforms, whether they be off-the-shelf or bespoke designs.We are widely recognised as the go-to uniform tailor Australia wide for a number of industries: We are Australia’s leading uniform suppliers for healthcare industries.Pinta (CCP) - Is a closed-end actively managed fund investing in crowdfunded blockchain based projects (ICOs).Investment strategy is based on proprietary fundamental analysis.

Igor has managed a number of funds, focusing mostly on public equity investments in developing Europe and emerging America and Asia.Advance Design can help you to impart a great impression on your clientele through our modern and stylish range of uniforms for bar, restaurant, licenced club and hotel staff.Our uniforms look impressive yet deliver the level of comfort and durability required by staff working in such busy and demanding environments.Their appearance is also a direct reflection of your business meaning uniform design is of critical importance to your brand.While Advance Design can’t provide training on communication and values, we can ensure your team look professional through our high quality uniform designs.

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