Who is bill clinton dating now

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This may sound like a plea from a shameless scandal-merchant for more grist, but it is actually an honest question: what makes that information privileged?

The authors assert that Bill Clinton was having an affair.

Byrne also wrote that Hillary Clinton was one of the meanest people he ever met and was a self-centered, tantrum-throwing, physical abuser.

He notes the Secret Service was terrified that she would walk in on Bill and one of his sex partners and all hell would break loose.

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Byrne recounts an incident in December of 1997 when Lewinsky–who imagined herself to be Bill’s only love interest–came to the White House expecting immediate entry but was denied for the first time.

A Byrne writes, “I stood guard, a pistol at my hip, outside the Oval Office, the last barrier before anyone saw Bill Clinton.

The last barrier before Monica Lewinsky saw Bill Clinton.

The other owners of Energy Pioneer Solutions, formed to insulate homes in rural America, include Democratic National Committee Treasurer Andrew Tobias and former Democratic congressional candidate Scott Kleeb.

That did not stop Donald Trump seizing on the story to mock Hillary Clinton this week after she revealed plans to put her husband in charge of revitalizing the American economy if she wins the White House.

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