Who is sandra dee dating

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When she was brought together with Troy Donahue on the 40th anniversary of A Summer Place, the photographs were not flattering.

Sandra Dee lost all her savings in a property deal in the 1970s, and had to be supported by her mother.

Darin already saw himself as a potential rival to Frank Sinatra, but he seemed to be fat and already balding to her.

Just as in her 1963 split with Bobby, Sandra has her Mother to help dry her tears. Late this spring a columnist heard the rumor that the Bobby Darins had broken up again, and that Bobby has established residence in his suite of offices.Gradually, Sandra Dee's innocence took a decorous hint of future sexuality in A Summer Place, a highly popular work in which she and Troy Donahue were the adolescent lovers.Inevitably, her publicists' dreams were satisfied when she met the singer Bobby Darin on the set of Come September at Portofino, Italy.But soon Darin was wooing her with 18 yellow roses a day.When they married in 1960, Sandra's mother threatened to have the match annulled because her daughter was too young.

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